Monday, August 23, 2010

Beaver huntin' coon hound!

Yesterday, Maggie demonstrated her hunting skills. I stood there horrified as she tried to strangle a beaver half her size. Well, after yelling and screaming, pushing and shoving I managed to get her off the hairy slugger. It laid motionless on its back, silently grasping for air. As I began to prepare for a Native burial ritual, I remembered reading somewhere that an animal may play dead, till the immediate danger has passed. So Leo (my white lab) and I decided to leave the dying beaver alone and head towards town. Dragging Maggie by the leash, as she howled and growled, for I had ruined her moment of glory. An hour later, Leo and I went back to check on the beaver, without Maggie!!! It was gone, it made us very happy.
Oh how I miss my long nature walks with Leo; quiet, leashless, zero casualty and soundless bliss of tranquility. Along came Maggie, a Blue tick coon hound. Which by the way, is a preferred breed among folks of southern heritage. A sight of a coon hound will put a smile on their face, any day of the year. She is a hunter, her specialty, raccoons and mountain lions. A simple walk becomes a tug of war, combined with varies vocal methods; Maggieeeeee, Maggie! Mague baby, Maggieeeeee, Mag, MAGGIE! MAGGIEEEEEE!!!!!! Even Leo gets frustrated, grabs a hold of her leash and shakes his head. I do let her off the leash, once in a while. But those days, I am well prepared, with running shoes and Ice tea.
On a different note, she is a sweet dog. Loves to cuddle, loves people and other dogs, especially Leo. I guess I have to sacrifice my quiet time for a sight of a  beaver huntin', endless howlin', leash pullin' coon hound.

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